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The Latinx Collective 🙋🏽👨🏻👱🏾👩🏾👱🏻‍♀️ "Con mucho mucho amor" edition

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The Latinx Collective 🙋🏽👨🏻👱🏾👩🏾👱🏻‍♀️ "Con mucho mucho amor" edition
By Elisabeth Rosario • Issue #53 • View online

Hey you,
It’s been awhile. I’ve said this a few times but side hustles are tough - especially during a pandemic! So forgive me for taking breaks, but I’m excited to be back and to also share with you some exciting news —we’re now officially on Instagram! Head over to IG and follow @TheLatinxCollective. You can expect inspiration from Latinx trailblazers of all backgrounds, unique narratives around Latinx culture we don’t typically see in the mainstream, a celebration of our many successes, Latinx small businesses and creators to support, and overall positive and fun conversations. Check it out and let me know what you think… here’s a sneak peek:
Con mucho cariño (y amor),
Elisabeth Rosario
Entertainment + Culture
Did you know that there’s a Smithsonian Latinx Museum in the works? In late July, Members of the House approved legislation to establish a National Museum of the American Latino in Washington, DC, as part of the Smithsonian Institution. [It requires a vote because the Smithsonian Institute relies upon a combination of the congressional appropriation and federal grants and contracts.]
The new museum would be dedicated to the documentation of Latinx life, art, history, and culture in America. If built, it will become the latest addition to the Smithsonian family since 2016, when the African American museum had a star-studded grand opening.
In case you missed it, Netflix recently released a documentary celebrating the life of legendary Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado. Many of us grew up with our grandparents or parents watching the flamboyant astrologer on TV or listening to him on the radio. I thought this article was really interesting since it was written by a Cuban astrologist who shared how her and her peers’ careers were inspired in large part by Mercado, who first to introduce them to things like tarot reading, astrology, magic, birth charts and more. If you’ve watched it, let me know what you think!
“Watching such a unique human being command such power was a turning point that showed me the importance of self acceptance and individuality. He challenged our society’s view on sexuality and gender expression,“ Daze says.
Colombian reggaeton artist J Balvin and alternative medicine pioneer Deepak Chopra have come together to offer a free 21-Day Meditation in both English and Spanish. J Balvin has opened up in the past about his struggles with anxiety and depression. Their new program, Renew Yourself: Body, Mind & Spirit is a 360 look at rejuvenation and is available through, or on the app.
“Meditation is one of the many ways that I have dealt with my mental health,” says J Balvin, “it saved my life and to me, can be one of the key first steps in achieving mental and spiritual well-being. Meditation is about opening your mind to self awareness and understanding that your mind is something that needs to be cared for and looked after.”
From the article:
It is uncontested that Bernie Sanders (D-VT) emerged as the Democratic candidate with the most successful Latino outreach strategy. Since Joe Biden became the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus have encouraged the former VP to take some strategy from Sanders’ book.
That’s where Chuck Rocha comes in, a former senior advisor known for his success at reaching Latinos during Sanders’ campaigns. Rocha is now working with Biden on his Latinx outreach campaign. If this topic intrigues you, Chuck has just written a book titled “Tío Bernie: The Inside Story of How Bernie Sanders Brought Latinos Into the Political Revolution.” It can be pre-ordered here + is officially released on Aug 19th. (Shout out to my friend, Adrian Carrasquillo, who served as an editor for the book)
Jorge Ramos, arguably the best-known Spanish-language news anchor in the U.S., has just published this article for The NYT, which argues that good intentions and hard work won’t be enough to get fair women’s representation in U.S. government. We need laws and structure to lead to gender equity. Other countries in the Western Hemisphere — Nicaragua, Panama, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Costa Rica — have had women as presidents. Meanwhile, the U.S. still hasn’t.
Bolivian Independence Day was on August 6th. On our IG account, we highlighted a few of the country’s Cholitas, which are a symbol of the country and an extension of its history and tradition. I highly recommend you watch this incredible short film (shot on iPhone!) that briefly introduces us to the famous “Flying Cholitas” in Bolivia who are breaking barriers as female wrestlers. It’s absolutely gorgeous:
Shot on iPhone XS — Las Cholitas Voladoras — Apple
Shot on iPhone XS — Las Cholitas Voladoras — Apple
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