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👨🏻🙋🏽👱🏾🙎🏿👱🏽The Latinx Collective - Issue #11: This Week's 5

Hello new subscribers! Welcome to this week's issue of The Latinx Collective where you'll always find
The Latinx Collective
👨🏻🙋🏽👱🏾🙎🏿👱🏽The Latinx Collective - Issue #11: This Week's 5
By Elisabeth Rosario • Issue #11 • View online
Hello new subscribers!
Welcome to this week’s issue of The Latinx Collective where you’ll always find a collection of stories that celebrate and uplift the incredibly diverse Latinx community. I always highlight 5 special reads, and 1 Latinx business or creator we should support. I hope you like it.
Con cariño,

2) Video: Why Dominicans Own So Many New York Bodegas
Author Veronica Chambers
Author Veronica Chambers
I’m in the middle of reading ‘The Go-Between’ a novel by bestselling Panamanian-Dominican author Veronica Chambers. In an often untold narrative about race and class in the Latinx community, the book is about Camilla, a Mexican teenager whose mother is a rich, successful + glamorous Telenovela actress in Mexico City. When her mom gets her first American acting gig, the family moves to the US for the first time + Cami is enrolled in a posh private school in LA. Her mom stars as a not-so-glamorous maid on a sitcom (latinos on American tv playing maids - surprise, surprise). At school, all of the kids very ignorantly assume Cami is a scholarship kid and the child of a local domestic worker - so Cami starts to play along with the stereotype to play a prank on them. If you’re looking for a book to gift to a teen or young adult in your life, I highly recommend it. (Or for yourself - I’m not a teen & found it hilarious). Learn more or buy it here.
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