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🙋🏽👨🏻👱🏾👩🏾👱🏻‍♀️The Latinx Collective - Issue #39

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🙋🏽👨🏻👱🏾👩🏾👱🏻‍♀️The Latinx Collective - Issue #39
By Elisabeth Rosario • Issue #39 • View online
Hola mi gente,
Welcome to The Latinx Collective newsletter, which as a reminder, exists to inspire, celebrate, and create thoughtful dialogue within the Latinx community. Due to our long and complex histories, Latinx are incredibly (and confusingly) diverse, whether it’s our country of origin, the language(s) we speak, or how we look. With that said, I curate stories and resources that celebrate us, despite our differences, and put a spotlight on the *MANY* contributions we are making in this country.
P.S. In case you didn’t know, I’m the owner of a consultancy focused on PR/communications. I’m always looking to work with vendors who are Latinx - whether that’s lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, personal assistants, etc. Is there anyone you can recommend for these services? If so, I’d love to chat with them and also add them to the Latinx SMB directory here. 😘
Con cariño,
Elisabeth Rosario

1) NBC Latino: This radio station is a lifeline for speakers of indigenous Mexican + Central American languages
2) Remezcla: The first weekend of Coachella was filled with historic firsts for Latinx artists
3) Remezcla: 5 new Latinx food trucks at the country's largest open-air food market
4) mitú: From pop-up to retail store, these two business partners created a space for Latinx small businesses
5) The Undefeated: A Q&A with Gloria Nevarez, the first Latinx commissioner in Division I
6) Summer is coming, I'm having flashbacks: when you touch A/C in Latinx homes 😂
6) Summer is coming, I'm having flashbacks: when you touch A/C in Latinx homes 😂
Appreciate you checking out this week’s issue. Forward this to friends or family so they can join you in celebrating the every day contributions the Latinx community is making. You can also:
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Elisabeth Rosario

Celebrating Latino contributions to culture, economy, and the world.

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