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The Latinx Collective: Lin-Manuel Miranda on creativity

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The Latinx Collective: Lin-Manuel Miranda on creativity
By Elisabeth Rosario • Issue #43 • View online
Hey you,
Thank you for reading The Latinx Collective, your weekly dose of inspiration and celebration via stories about Latinx identity, culture, victories, and successes in our community.
As a creative, I’m always eager for advice and lessons from other creatives. Over the past week I attended a bunch of cool events in the Latinx community centered around leadership, creativity and growth and wanted to share some of those insights with all of you.
You can expect the regular newsletter format tomorrow but I wanted to share a special interview I did with Juan Bago, actor and co-host of the Latinos Out Loud podcast (go follow him here and here). They just celebrated their 100th episode (listen to it here) with a live taping at The Greene Space (the performance space by WNYC0 and had special guests Lin-Manuel Miranda (🇵🇷), his dad Luis A. Miranda Jr, and SNL director Oz Rodriguez (🇩🇴).
You should listen to the episode in full, but they shared excellent tips for creatives, including:
From Luis Miranda: “First thing we need to get out of our minds and vocabulary is that we cannot do something. Instead of coming up with 17 excuses of how the world is screwing is, identify what are real barriers you need to conquer, and what are barriers you put on yourself, in order to move forward. This is difficult for young people but it’s the main exercise we all have to engage throughout our lives.”
From Lin-Manuel: “You also have to understand that it takes awhile to bridge the distance between the work you see from your heroes and the work you’re making. You gotta start priming the pump (creating things). You gotta let the brown water come out of the faucet before getting to the clear water.”
Con cariño,
Elisabeth Rosario

Interview w/actor (and LOL cohost) Juan Bago:
P.S. If you want to learn more about the show and how to subscribe, I included more info in issue #21.
The Latinx Collective: What’s the 1 piece of advice you can share with other creatives/podcasters about what you’ve learned by doing your podcast for 100 episodes?
Juan Bago: Consistency, making sure you create a system that you can maintain week in and week out. You do not want to set yourself up with fatigue or hit a wall after a few episodes. You want to make sure you can create a podcast that is within your bandwidth and you have the energy to stay creative in the long run. 
TLC: What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from the guests you’ve had on the show?
JB: Probably from our most recent guest Luis A Miranda Jr. to figure out what our true obstacles are in life, and separate it from the ones we create ourselves. Life is difficult enough, you don’t need to create barriers for yourself. 
TLC: You said your favorite guest was Maria Hinojosa - what do you think made that interview so special?
JB: Her energy, her fight, her spirit. We need more Maria Hinojosa in this world. You felt it in the room. She balanced it out with her wisdom and with her sense of humor during that interview. 
TLC: Who would be a DREAM guest for you?
JB: Great question, Romeo Santos. I haven’t heard that many interviews with him, let alone a podcast interview. I’d love to know his creative process and what he enjoys doing. 
TLC: How do you think the show has helped you make moves in your career/creative life? 
JB: The podcast has helped my career/creative process by interviewing other creatives and learning their styles and their path. The inspirational stories also help me overcome some struggles and creative funks. It’s super important to talk to others, and what better way than interviewing them. 
TLC: What creative projects are you working on right now that you want to share with the community?
JB: NADA!!!! It’s all a secret. Next question! No, in all seriousness, I have a couple of one-off videos in the horizon to look out for before the summer. So, be on the look out. 
TLC: What’s next for the show?
JB: Continue to grow, continue to connect with more listeners. Challenging ourselves to be better. We all have the common thread that we constantly want to be a better version of ourselves. We would love to do more live shows. We feed off that energy. 
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Elisabeth Rosario

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