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The Latinx Collective: 🙋🏽👨🏻👱🏾👩🏾👱🏻‍♀️ the "Biblioburro" edition

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The Latinx Collective: 🙋🏽👨🏻👱🏾👩🏾👱🏻‍♀️ the "Biblioburro" edition
By Elisabeth Rosario • Issue #47 • View online
Hey mi gente,
Welcome to your weekly dose of inspiration, via stories about identity, culture, victories, and successes in the Latinx community.
P.S. As a reminder, this Thursday there’s a free event at Microsoft in NYC on How to Level Up as a Latinx professional. I’ll be leading a panel conversation with some very senior execs at companies including Microsoft, Linkedin and Verizon Media. If you’re interested, sign up here.
Con much cariño,
Elisabeth Rosario

1) Health Magazine (July/Aug cover story): Actress and producer Gina Torres on her path to success
5) The NY Times: A mother guides her 4 year old through the complexity of love and skin color
6) VIDEO (20 min) 3 Latino men try therapy for the first time
6) VIDEO (20 min) 3 Latino men try therapy for the first time
6) The episode above is on the longer side (20 min) but worth it. The male hosts of BuzzFeed’s Pero Like recorded their first-ever therapy session. They shared personal stories and struggles and how generational trauma and learned behavior has meant it’s difficult for them to open up and let people in. It’s really touching.😭 The session was hosted by a therapist provided by LatinxTherapy, a podcast and a bilingual database that connects individuals with therapists and other providers nationwide. (P.S. I spotlighted LatinxTherapy in issue #3 here)
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Elisabeth Rosario

Celebrating Latino contributions to culture, economy, and the world.

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