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The Latinx Collective: the "Turning Failure into Fuego🔥" edition

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The Latinx Collective: the "Turning Failure into Fuego🔥" edition
By Elisabeth Rosario • Issue #48 • View online
Hey mi gente,
Welcome to your weekly dose of inspiration, via stories about identity, culture, victories, and successes in the Latinx community.
I apologies for ghosting on you for the past week or so, but things have been so busy over here!
P.S. For the San Francisco readers: I will be co-hosting an event with Slack Earthtones in San Francisco on July 10th and the topic is how to turn Failure Into Fuego. 🔥🔥 As people of color, we are surrounded by stories of success in the tech industry but not from our own community. Rarely do we feel comfortable enough sharing our mistakes - after all we often have so much more to lose. It’s going to be such a special event - you’ll hear from a panel of successful Latinx professionals on how they’ve embraced moments of failure in their careers and turned them into opportunities for growth, learn dance lessons (the literal way to learn from missteps), get free headshots and even walk away with some inspiring candles to light that fuego at home.🔥 If you’re in SF that day, RSVP here asap to grab a seat + feel free to forward it to friends & colleagues. Many thanks to the wonderful Frances Coronel (a long-time subscriber!) who is organizing on the Slack side. 🙌 I’m looking forward to meeting you there.
Con cariño,
Elisabeth Rosario

1.) Paper Mag (cover): The ripple effect of Bad  Bunny
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Elisabeth Rosario

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