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👨🏻🙋🏽👱🏾🙎🏿👧🏻The Latinx Collective: Issue #19

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👨🏻🙋🏽👱🏾🙎🏿👧🏻The Latinx Collective: Issue #19
By Elisabeth Rosario • Issue #19 • View online
Hey mi gente,
Welcome to this week’s issue of The Latinx Collective, a refreshing look at the every day contributions and achievements of Latinx people. Every week you’ll see uplifting stories about the community and at least one Latinx-owned project or business to support.
P.S. I’m reminding you again that MONEY=POWER and people of color have the buying power to drive change. Be conscious of where you spend your money and where you focus your attention and energy (because views, likes + shares = money too!). Don’t let the wrong things drain you because it’s then harder to find energy and time to put towards actually making change. Take care of yourselves.💖
Con cariño,
Elisabeth Rosario

Glamour: Rita Moreno's been breaking the mold for longer than you know
Latinx are turbocharging small-business growth and driving $700 billion into the U.S. economy
POCIT: An interview with Frances Coronel, Software Engineer at Slack
Bustle: 6 women tell us what growing up was like with a dual-identity
Carolina Castro melds Sinaloan hot dogs with Mexican-American flavor in Boyle Heights, LA
Spotlight Series:
Chef Zee is a Dominican-Cuban foodblogger + YouTuber from NYC who teaches you how to cook traditional Latinx foods, explains common meals and cooking terms that different cultures use, and shows you how to put a Latin spin on everyday meals. The video below is from her series on Dominican street food but she’s got tons of other videos and recipes. Go check out her work on her website, Instagram and YouTube pages.
This How-To is Part 3 of her "Dominican Street Food" Series
This How-To is Part 3 of her "Dominican Street Food" Series
Thank you for reading this week’s issue. If you’ve enjoyed it, share your feedback or use the thumbs below. If you find this valuable, consider forwarding it to friends, coworkers, family and allies, and sharing it on your social channels. If you do share, social accounts are here and here and feel free to check out the website.
💖Many thanks to subscriber Frances Coronel (software engineer, Slack) for the kind words. When I looked her up I saw her amazing interview in POCIT, which I shared above!
Thanks so much for your newsletter - it’s so valuable to have it as a Latina in Tech working at a high-growth startup who is always looking for ways to stay uplifted and inspired by the latest and greatest developments in the Latinx community.
Did you enjoy this issue?
Elisabeth Rosario

Celebrating Latino contributions to culture, economy, and the world.

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